Center for Research Computing

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The Center for Research Computing (CRC) works to meet Rice community members' research needs with specialized computing resources and services. We maintain shared research computing infrastructure on campus as well as relationships with off-campus organizations and vendors, and facilitate the optimal use of these resources through consultation and direct partnership.

Through the CRC, Rice researchers have access to a wide array of scalable computing resources: on- and off-campus cloud computing and storage, traditional supercomputing resources on Rice's cluster and national networks, specialized infrastructure for the fast transfer of large datasets, and secure virtual research environments.

The CRC assists researchers in planning their use of research computing resources and executing on their plans. We consult on grants, support the use and optimization of specialized software and systems, partner on and incubate projects, and run public and custom workshops on research computing topics such as parallelization, virtualization, and cloud migration.

When your project has outgrown your desktop PC, the CRC helps you keep growing.

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