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Researchers' computational needs vary greatly in kind and scale. Because they are pushing the boundaries of existing knowledge, faculty often require specialized solutions to their unique research problems, such as:

  • Custom software stacks and deployment
  • Secure networks for sensitive data
  • Data pipelines for processing, sharing, and storing large datasets
  • Large-scale resources optimized for a specific task

Because it can be time-consuming, expensive, and confusing to build and maintain the specialized infrastructure that researchers frequently require, the CRC currently employs 2 full-time research computing facilitators to help you navigate this space.

Our facilitators can help you to:

  • Plan around a budget and control costs
  • With the sustainability/resources section of a grant application
  • Archive and publish your research data
  • Choose what work to do on Rice research computing infrastructure and what work to do in the cloud
  • Follow best practices for your chosen infrastructure
  • Train your lab/group with a custom workshop

By connecting researchers to computing resources that match their particular needs, research computing facilitators help you navigate the available options, avoid common pitfalls, and sustainably accelerate your research.

Reach out to us today to schedule a consult, set up a workshop, or just to learn more about the services on offer from the Center for Research Computing:

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