Fast Data Transfer

Fast Data Transfer

The CRC offers several interoperable fast data transfer services to facilitate the use of large-scale computing resources for large datasets, minimizing downtime and letting you get to work.

Fast transfer between on-campus resources

For datasets that are already on campus infrastructure, it can be easy to quickly move between resources using the command line:

Networked data storage devices can sometimes be mounted as file systems, allowing for more user-friendly data transfer:

Fast transfer between on- and off-campus resources

The CRC maintains specialized infrastructure and software for transferring large datasets between resources, both on and off campus.

Our primary software service in this area is Globus FTP, which provides an easy-to-use web interface connecting Rice supercomputers, networked storage, and even personal computers to national resources through the Rice firewall at high rates. Globus works to transfer between some Rice resources behind the firewall as well.

rice globus network