Quick Start

Request CRC Account

Please select one of the following options if you would like to request an account:

Research Staff and Students

You should apply for a regular user account if all the following are true:

  • You are a research staff member or student working for a Rice research faculty member
  • Your sponsoring faculty member has applied for a sponsor account
  • You have a valid Rice netID: i.e. you can log in successfully at https://mynetid.rice.edu

Research Faculty of Rice University

You should apply for a research sponsor account if all the following are true:

If you already have a Sponsor account and are trying to find the login to approve requests or revoke accounts, it’s https://www.crc.rice.edu/agreement/

Guest Accounts

External collaborators and visitors who are not directly affiliated with Rice University will first need to visit the Visitor system to get IT Resources that will facilitate requirements for their access to CRC resources and have their sponsor approve their account. Once the Visitor process is completed and your netID is created, simply apply for a regular user account

Visitor Portal

  • The Visitor system may create separate accounts and thus distinct netIDs. If this happens you must notify the Visitor portal so they can correct their records. You can contact them here.
  • For sponsors using the Visitor System please choose "IT access:" IT-3 (IT-2 + VPN) as this will guarantee everything needed.

Class Accounts

Faculty members teaching a course requiring class use of one or more of the shared clusters should submit a request through the help desk detailing the following:

  • Course number (e.g. COMP101)
  • If the class is cross-listed
  • List of systems required for the class
  • Details of any node/partition reservations needed for the class
  • Any software not already present on the system that will be required for the class
  • Desired starting date for account access
  • Desired date for account termination


  • Individual student accounts will be created automatically when the instructor applies for the class account. Students need not apply directly for their own class accounts.
  • Students will receive emails from the account creation system once the accounts are ready.
  • When submitting jobs, students should prefix the name of the job with the course number (e.g. COMP101)
  • Students should verify that they have entered their correct email addresses.